Autoadvert is automotive websites fulltext search engine

  • Autoadvert periodicaly crowls webservers with automotive thematics
  • Shows latest automotive magazines and events
  • Allows to search and filter by catalog of all car makes and models
  • Shows detailed and similar informations
  • Allows to search historical magazines, e.g. while searchig for used-cars informations
  • Autoadvert never shows whole magazine, allways shows only metainformations such as:
    preview image
    article release date
    author name
    short abstract of content (often called 'perex')
  • User can search and select for an interesting article and than decide to click the article link. This link always forwards user to original article on original articles website. This process is similar to any other fulltext search engines
  • Autoadvert does not use cookies, does not store or process personal data belonging under GDPR
  • All informations of these sites are gained automaticaly
  • These sites contains texts and informations from other websites. Therefor these sites could contain inaccurate, confusing or vulgar text or informations
  • Informations for server-owners and help informations are in the help

AutoAdvert s.r.o. IČO: 07990341