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Informations for server-owners

  • This service never shows whole content of external links. Allways shows only metainformations and original link of source website
  • This is the method, how users generates trafic on source websites, which you can use for keeping user on your website or show your own advertising or announce
  • Robotical crowling of your web server is very carefull. Our robot crowles very slowly, so your server is not impacted on load
  • Thanks to autoadverts searches user can search all magazines even historical magazines. This generates trafic on source web server not only lates magazines, even historical
  • Thanks to autoadvert, user can find your web sites, that user did not known yet
  • Process of all your articles is free even administration related with it
  • If you run an automotive website and you are not linked into autoadvert and you would like to have your server in autoadvert, please contact us via, all is free even processing and trafic
  • If you have a webserver which is in autoadvert and you do not like to be in autoadvert, please follow instructions for robot settings